Downsview G2 Driving Test

The Lowdown

It is always a good idea to be familiar with the route taken for your driving test in Downsview. We have posted the map below as well written as directions for the route reported by test-takers. This route is one of the most commonly taken for the exam, but it is possible you might have slight variations on the route. Driving instructors and schools are familiar with the routes and will charge you money to take you there. We figured we'd put them up for free here as a public service. Ultimately, the most important thing you need to do for the Downsview road test is learn how to take a road test regardless of route.

Downsview: Route 1

This map is the G1 exit road test (aka G2 road test) route 1 for Downsview

We also offer the same map with GPS coordinates so you can practise as many times as you want.

Written Directions

Starting at the test center:

  1. Head west on Carl Hall Rd toward John Drury Dr
  2. Turn right onto John Drury Dr
  3. Head northwest on John Drury Dr toward Sheppard Ave W
  4. Turn right onto Sheppard Ave W
  5. Turn left onto Tuscan Gate
  6. Head north on Tuscan Gate toward St Regis Crescent S
  7. Turn left onto St Regis Crescent S
  8. Turn right onto St Regis Crescent N
  9. Head east on St Regis Crescent N toward Bakersfield St
  10. Turn right onto Bakersfield St Turn right onto St Regis Crescent S
  11. 156 St Regis Crescent S.Here, you will be asked to perform emergency parking, 3-point turn, and a parallel parking13. Head east on St Regis Crescent S toward Bakersfield Stght onto Bakersfield St
  12. Head south on Bakersfield St toward Sheppard Ave Wht onto Sheppard Ave W
  13. Destination will be on the left
  14. Head southwest on Sheppard Ave W toward Tuscan Gate
  15. Continue onto Sheppard Ave W
  16. Turn left onto John Drury Dr
  17. Turn left onto Carl Hall Rd

After You Pass the Test

Congratulations! You are now an officially certified Ontario driver! Always be safe when driving and never get too confident!

We have some tips on saving on auto insurance since your next step now is probably calling your insurance company to share the good news with them!